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Location in the campus: Faculty of education, clearance 0702P1034




  • Title: learning environments based on videos as a tool in university education. Analysis of levels of development of professional competition

Financing Agency: Ministry of education and science. National plan of research. (Project r & d)
PARTICIPANT organizations: University of Alicante
DURATION: 13 December 2004 to December 13, 2007
MAIN RESEARCHER: Salvador LLinares Ciscar

  • Title: modelling in secondary students. Relations between the mathematical modeling and capacity reader.

FUNDING entity: Generalitat Valenciana.(Project r & d)
PARTICIPANT organizations: University of Alicante
DURATION: 1 January 2004 to 31 December 2005
MAIN RESEARCHER: Salvador Llinares Ciscar

  • Title: learning and teaching: relations in mathematics and language in compulsory secondary education

Financing Agency: Ministry for innovation and competitiveness. Generalitat Valenciana (r & d project)
PARTICIPANT organizations: University of Alicante
DURATION: 1 January 2002 to 31 December 2003
PRINCIPAL investigator: Dr. S. LLinares



  • Title: ETIG - Ma. Group of technological innovation in education mathematics 2009. Recognition of groups of technological innovation - educational.

Funding entity: Vice President of technology and educational innovation - University of Alicante
Coodinator: Salvador LLinares

  • Title: Applied education mathematics (programme 2009-2010) information and communication technology

Programme of research teaching in network au
Funding entity: ICE (AU)
Coordinator: Salvador LLinares Ciscar.




1. Books:

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2. Chapters in books:

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3. Articles in journals:

  • Llinares, S.; Valls, j. (2007). The building of preservice primary teachers´ knowledge of mathematics teaching: interaction and online video cases studies. instructional science. DOI: 10.1007/s11251-007-9043-4
  • Callejo, ML.; Valls, J.; Llinares, S. (2007). Interaction and analysis of the teaching. Key aspects in the construction of professional knowledge. Research in the school. Vol. 61. 5-21
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  • Bodí, S.D.; Valls, J.; Llinares, S. (2005). The analysis of the development of the scheme of divisibility in n the construction of an instrument. Numbers. Vol. 60. February. 3-24

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